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Sharon Stone and Jeff Hephner

"Agent X" review by Suzanne 11/24/15
Airs Sundays on TNT

This is a cool spy show. The interesting and unusual angle is that the newly-elected vice president (Sharon Stone) finds out that she's got her own James Bond-like guy (Jeff Hephner) to fix problems. Veteran Actor Gerald McRaney is her sidekick as house servant and much more. John Shea (from "Mutant X") plays the president.

The show has a lot of great action and drama. It's a really entertaining show. It has humor, too, but it's not a silly show at all. TV could really use a new spy drama, especially one that is not a spoof. There's good chemistry between all of the characters.  I hope this one sticks around for awhile. Don't miss it!

MORE: In times of extreme crisis, when traditional law and government aren't in a position to help, there is an unseen hand that works to protect this country and its citizens from all manner of threats by any means necessary. Hidden from the view of the public -- and even from the President -- there is a top secret agent who is trained and ready to serve, deployed only at the careful discretion of the Vice President. This is Agent X. Jeff Hephner (Interstellar, Chicago Fire), Sharon Stone (Casino) and Gerald McRaney star in the new series coming this November to TNT.

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