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Your Family or Mine cast

"Your Family or Mine" review by Suzanne 4/3/15
Premieres Tuesday, April 7 at 10/9c on TBS

I watched two episodes of the show, and it's okay. I would say it's better than most sitcoms that have been on TBS. It's not hilarious. The first episode was a bit dull and every joke was obvious.  It's too bad because it has some great actors, like Richard Dreyfuss and JoBeth Williams. I don't think JoBeth has done sitcoms before because she's not doing well in the pilot episode. Dreyfuss is always fantastic. However, in the second episode, I did laugh quite a lot.

The show is about a married couple, Oliver (Kyle Howard) and Kelli (Kat Foster), who each have very different families, all living in Seattle. Oliver's mom doesn't much like Kelli or her other daughter-in-law, and Kelli's family barely tolerates Oliver. In the first episode, Oliver and Kelli visit his family, the Westons (he has two brothers). His mother is kind of bitchy and they all say inappropriate and weird things. Oliver and Kelli had put a nanny cam in their house, so they all watched the nanny, a college girl, and spied on her, making rude remarks. It just wasn't good, in any way.

In the second episode, they visit Kelli's family, the Durnins, for her sister Dani's birthday. Her parents are played by two really good, solid actors, Cynthia Stevenson and Ed Begley, Jr. Her two sisters are kind of bimbos or idiots.  Lots of funny things do happen in this episode, but there are also some unfunny, cringe-worthy moments.

The show is very uneven. I hope it gets better with time. Kelli and Oliver are very likable. I would say, compared to other TBS shows, I don't like it as much as I did "Men at Work," but I do like it a lot better than "Sullivan & Son" or "Ground Floor." Check it out for yourself!


It has been said that when you marry someone, you marry their entire family. Nowhere is that more evident than in TBS's Your Family or Mine, a brand new series that puts a unique twist on that time-honored television favorite the domestic comedy.Kyle Howard (Royal PainsMy Boys), Kat Foster ('Til DeathRoyal Pains), Richard Dreyfuss (The Goodbye GirlThe American President), JoBeth Williams (PoltergeistDexter), Ed Begley Jr (St. Elesewhere, Arrested DevelopmentCynthia Stevenson (Agent Cody Banks, Hope & Gloria) star in the comedy, which is set to debut on TBS Tuesday, April 7, at 10 p.m. (ET/PT).

Your Family or Mine centers on Kelli (Foster) and Oliver (Howard), a married couple living in Seattle with their two children. The show follows them as they alternate visits each week between their respective parents and in-laws. Oliver's parents, Louis (Dreyfuss) and Ricky (Williams), are extremely comfortable financially, but that just makes their household all the more eccentric. Meanwhile, Kelli's parents, Gil (Begley) and Jan (Stevenson), may not have all the money in the world, but they have each other. Also featured in Your Family or Mine are Danny Comden (I'm With Her) Jason andAndrew Lees (The Pacific) as Blake, Oliver's brothers; Angela Kinsey (The Office) as Claire, Jason's wife; and Stephanie Hunt (Friday Night Lights) as Dani, Kelli's younger sister.

Adapted from an enormously popular Israeli comedy from Keshet InternationalYour Family or Mine is being executive produced by Greg Malins (Friends, How I Met Your Mother, Will & Grace)Jamie Tarses (Happy Endings, Franklin & Bash); Keshet's Rubi Duanias, Yaniv Polishuk, Avi Nir and Ran Telem; and Teddy Producitons' Tamira Yardeni. The series is being produced by Sony Pictures Television, Jamie Tarses' Fanfare Productions, Keshet International and Teddy Productions. In addition, recurring guest star, Collette Wolfe (Cougar Town) plays Shawni, Kelli's older sister, with Adrian Gonzalez as Enzo, Shawni's boyfriend.

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