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Nina Simone

"What Happened, Miss Simone?" review by Suzanne 8/19/15
Airs on Netflix now!

I'm sorry it took so long to review this...I've been very busy all summer, and there are so many new shows and miniseries to review!

This is a really good documentary, and everyone should watch it. Not only is it interesting and has great music, but it has many good clips from the 60's and gives you an idea of what it was like back then. It's also a sad story, to a certain extent.

I'd heard the name "Nina Simone" but otherwise knew nothing about her. She was a jazz/blues singer in the 60's and beyond, as well as a civil rights activist. She started out as a bit of a child prodigy, learning classical music.  She had a very turbulent life full of many ups and downs.  Although she's passed away, her ex-husband, friends, and daughters help paint the portrait of this troubled, yet very talented, singer/musician/songwriter.

You won't be sorry if you watch this! I watched it late at night and was riveted. Although I would advise you not to watch it right before bedtime because it gave me very sad and bizarre dreams. Honestly! It's definitely worth watching, though, and it's an inspiring story and even timely in some ways.

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