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Tut cast

"Tut" review by Suzanne 8/18/15
Airs on Spike starting 7/19 or On Demand

I'm sorry it took so long to review this...I've been very busy all summer, and there are so many new shows and miniseries to review!

This is a standard historical miniseries. If you like history, and lots of battle scenes, with spurting blood, then you'll like this.

The cast is very good. The young man who plays Tut (Avan Jogia) is very handsome and charming. He does a good job. I loved his work on the ABC Family show "Twisted" as well. There are two other more recognizable acting vets in this: Ben Kingsley, who plays the Vizier; and Alexander Siddig (who plays Amun).

I enjoyed watching it, even though it was not particularly clever. It's not a bad miniseries, and a pleasant way to spend 6 hours or so.  From all accounts, it's also fairly historically accurate. There are some interesting things to learn, such as that it was common for the Pharoah to marry his sister. Wow!

Check it out. It's coming out on DVD, too.

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