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Holder and Linden

"The Killing" review by Suzanne
Season 4 is on Netflix

Normally, I don't like to watch TV shows on my computer, on Netflix or any other online channel. However, I love The Killing, so I had to make an exception. I loved the first 3 seasons. I was not one of those bothered by the fact that they didn't catch the killer in the first season. The show is very realistic and gritty, in its way, and cops generally don't catch the killers right away (often it takes years or not at all).

More important to me about this show are the characters, the dialogue, and the setting (and the mood or tone of the show). I enjoy the story, but it's not the most important thing to me. That being said, if the story is deeply flawed or the characters suddenly act stupid when they weren't before, that does affect my viewing. Sadly, the 4th season does not measure up to the first 3. Sure, I did enjoy it, and I would recommend it if you liked the first 3 seasons. However, it is just not nearly as good. Also, they tried to cram an awful lot of story into just 6 episodes, which was too much.

The slow pacing of this show is one of the great things about, so speeding it up for only 6 episodes was not a good idea. I may be in the minority on this, though. Generally a slow pace is not a great idea, but it does work so well with this show.

In this season, Linden and Holder have to deal with what happened at the end of season 3 (their murder of Skinner). SPOILERS HERE!!!  They decide to cover it up, which is the first stupid thing about the show. They're cops, and Skinner was a serial killer. They could easily have made it look like self-defense. That would have been a much easier cover-up than having to cover-up his death completely and where they were, and what they did beforehand.  So then they make LOTS of mistakes, such as keeping the gun, shell casings, and his phone, and forgetting that they talked to his wife and daughter. I found it very hard to believe that either of them would be that stupid. It all seemed very contrived.

The B story was about this multiple murder of this family and their relationship to this military boys' school. That was pretty good, but I really hated the ending and who did the murder. It felt hollow and not convincing. Especially the murder of the sisters.

Then, the way that the surprise guest star came in at the end and solved the whole murder cover-up situation was just way too facile and unbelievable.

I did like the very end, with Linden and Holder getting together. However, I felt that was very rushed. I would have preferred that they leave it open a little more at the end, such as his daughter getting kidnapped and Linden comes back to town to help find her. That would have been a great way to set up a possible season 5 (I know, it's not happening, but I can dream, can't I?).  I would have liked to have seen them kiss, too.

Anyway, check it out for yourself and see if you agree. It is definitely still enjoyable.

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Page updated 8/26/14

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