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State of Affairs cast

"State of Affairs" review by Eva Diaz 11/30/14
Airs Mondays 10/9c on NBC

I was really excited to see this show because it was from the same people that produce "The Blacklist," one of my favorite shows, and this show did not disappoint me.  I have to admit it didn't hook me from the first episode like "The Blacklist" did, but I still like it very much because of the premise of the show.  Katherine Heigl plays Charleston Tucker, "Charlie," a top CIA  analyst who's responsible for preparing the presidential daily briefing, which is a list of the most important security crises that face the United States.  The most interesting part of the show for me is the relationship between Charlie and the president, Constance Peyton (Alfrie Woodard)   Charlie was engaged to the president's son, who was killed in a terrorist attack. Charie survived the attack but can't remember many details about what happened.  Charlie and the president are determined to find those responsible for his death and bring them to justice.

It took me at least two shows to get into because it goes a tiny bit slower then "The Blacklist".  It still has plenty of action and secrets and gives you a glimpse of the wonderful men and women who work to keep our country safe.  It is kind of a mix of Scandal and the Blacklist, so if you like those shows, you will enjoy this one.  You can watch any episodes that you missed online or watch the show on NBC on Mondays 10 PM Eastern 9 PM Central time.  I give this show 4 out of 5 stars because it takes a little bit longer to get into, and the action is a bit slower, but it is still worth watching.

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