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cast members Denis Leary, Elizabeth Gillies and John Corbett

"Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll" review by Suzanne 7/15/15
Premieres Thursday, 10pm, July 16 on FX

FX sent me a bunch of episodes of this show on DVD, and I really loved them. I wasn't sure at first if I would because sometimes FX comedies are not that funny. Then again, I did love "Wilfred", and "The Comedians," and even the first season of "It's Always Sunny...."  You just never know what they're going to come out with next. Sometimes it's really awful and other times it's golden. To me, this is golden.

The show is about an old, drugged-up, washed-up, never-quite-has-been rock band. The star of the band, Johnny Rock (Denis Leary, who also writes and produces the show), is arguably the worst of the bunch.  They've all got their own problems.  Johnny's long-lost daughter, Gigi (Elizabeth Gillies), shows up and wants to record with her dad and other band members. He has to convince the others to reunite as well as somehow write new songs (and of course, bond with his daughter). John Corbett is great as Flash, the McCartney to Johnny's Lennon.

There are many great original songs for the show, too, and they all perform really well. Not so well that you wonder why this band didn't make it big, though. They really have done an excellent job on the show all the way around.

I'm in a rock band, so it resonates with me. Anyone who's ever watched MTV regularly, or wanted to be in a rock band, and especially those who HAVE been in a rock band, should really enjoy this show. I know I did.  I really think most people will enjoy it, though, because it's just a great dynamic of messed-up people, trying to deal with life.  In some ways, they do remind me of the gang from "It's Always Sunny....", except slightly more talented.

Oh, yes, and another added bonus is that there are numerous cameos from real-life rock stars! It all has a very "Behind the Music" crossed with "Spinal Tap" feel to it.

FX sent a really nice package with the DVD (they always have great marketing) and even a nice CD of the songs! I'm enjoying them. I can't wait to see more of the show. Check it out!


Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll centers on “Johnny Rock” (Denis Leary), lead singer of a legendary early 90’s New York band called The Heathens. Known for living up to their name, the band partied so long and so hard that even Keith Richards thought they needed to slow things down. The Heathens were on the brink of becoming famous for their kickass live shows and the release of their highly anticipated first album. Until they broke up. The same day the album dropped. Because lead guitarist Flash (John Corbett) found Johnny in bed with his wife. So the band became legendary for all the wrong reasons - like self-destructing sooner than any group in rock-n-roll history. 25 years later, the only thing bigger than Johnny’s ego is his prostate. The drugs he really needs now aren’t cocaine and marijuana – they’re Crestor, Cymbalta and Cialis. He’s out of work, out of money and out of show business options. That’s when a massively talented young singer named Gigi (Elizabeth Gillies) shows up - with a burning desire to be famous, a throwback appreciation for The Heathens’ only album, and a stack of cash big enough to bring the whole band back into the studio. Only this time, SHE’S the lead singer and Johnny’s just a behind-the-scenes songwriter. John Ales, Bobby Kelly and Elaine Hendrix round out the rest of this dysfunctional rock-n-roll family. The race is on to see who gets famous first - and for what reason.

The Opening Act

Sample the sound of The Heathens. Check out the main title sequence for FX’s new series, Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll.


Facebook -

Rock Under the Influence

Influences? Vices? Whatever works. Life is Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll.

Is This Forgivable?

25 years ago, The Heathens broke up for a good reason. But life is still Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll.

Johnny Rock’s Fatherly Advice

Legendary rock stars fire off the most unique fatherly advice. Check out Johnny Rock’s hot tip.

Radiohead + Morrissey = Heathen

A Radiohead/Morrissey lovechild? Sample this scene from FX’s new series.

Get Loud

This Summer, it’s all about Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll

Big Time

Fame. Family. Rock & Roll. Denis Leary stars.

Nice Pants

Rock stars need to feel comfortable in their own skin. Denis Leary and Elizabeth Gillies star.

Vanity Insanity

Johnny Rock. At least he’s an expert in something. Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll takes the stage Thursday, July 16th on FX.

He’s Listening… He Swears

Great hair. Terrible father.  Denis Leary and Elizabeth Gillies star in FX’s new comedy, Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll.

Shock To The System

Johnny Rock. Finding new highs to reach new lows. Denis Leary takes the stage.

Rear View

Some rockers have no problem leading from behind.  FX's new comedy, Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll starring Denis Leary premieres Thurs, 7/16.

Beauty Treatments

The truth is written all over his face. Denis Leary stars.

Puppies, Puppies, Puppies

Johnny Rock has something he needs to get off his chest.

A Different High

Music is the ultimate drug… that you can get without a prescription.

In the Weeds

It takes a hit to write a hit.

Dysfunctional Band, Dysfunctional Family

The higher the dysfunction, the better the rock

The Rockumentary: Part 1 of 4

“Huge in NYC. Famous in the underground. What the hell happened? Watch the first chapter of the four-part Rockumentary on The Heathens, the legendary band from Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll.”

The Rockumentary: Part 2 of 4

Johnny Rock was on the highway to hell… and taking everyone with him. Watch Part 2 of The Heathens Rockumentary.

Die Trying: OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO featuring Denis Leary and Liz Gillies

Take the stage with the stars of Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll. Watch the first official music video from FX's new series.

The Rockumentary: Part 3 of 4

It was all right there… if Johnny could only keep it in his pants. See how he screwed more than just the band in Part 3 of The Heathen’s Rockumentary.

Liner Notes: First Look

It's messy. It's badass. It's Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll. Go behind the scenes.

Sinner Baby: OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO featuring Denis Leary  

Before you watch Johnny Rock make a comeback, watch how he and The Heathens used to bring it.

Official Music Video

The song that was the beginning and the end for The Heathens. Check out the official music video for Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll


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