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"Satisfaction" review by Sundi 8/10/14
Airs Thursdays at 10/9c on USA Network

Y’all know I love a nighttime soap. The sexier and steamier the better. I went into USA’s Satisfaction thinking I was going to fulfill my summer guilty pleasure and get all the abs and cheekbones I could stand, and I did. But I also got something else; something better.


The show focuses on a long-married couple, Neil and Grace Truman (Matt Passmore and Stephanie Szostak), as they confront the sorts of problems that many couples face after being married for such a long time. While Grace and Neil are facing relatable problems, (and that is what makes the show appealing) they approach the doldrums in a far sexier and melodramatic way.


Grace turns to male escort, Simon (Blair Redford), for comfort in her housewife boredom, and when Neil catches them in the act, it launches him into his very own midlife crisis that involves a stolen Porsche and sex for money with strangers.


This show speaks to real issues in a marriage, but serves them up with just enough camp and sex-appeal  that I don’t feel preached to. Every character is so good looking, and its shot in such a hazy, art-house way, that I feel like it could transcend what I expect from my usual summer fluff.


If you like your realism with a heavy dose of fantasy, then Satisfaction is for you. One minute we are seeing a wife awkwardly present her husband with a boring and unappreciated gift of a necktie, the next we are seeing said wife with her legs wrapped around a young male prostitute.


It speaks to a pretty broad audience, but if you don’t care for sex scenes or infidelity at the highest level, then this show might not be for you. Although, I might venture a guess that it might change your mind.


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