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The Red Tent

"The Red Tent" review by Suzanne 11/18/14
Premieres 12/7 on Lifetime

This was a very interesting story and it kept my interest. If you like good drama, then you should enjoy this.

It's loosely based on some biblical stories. The lead character, Dinah (pronounced DEE-nuh), is the sister of Joseph (he of the many colored coat), but she's barely mentioned in the bible. They do a very good job of taking her story and really fleshing it out. It's told from her point of view and is very female-centric (which makes sense, on Lifetime). The movie is based on a best-selling book of the same name.

I guess that the main characters are supposed to be Jewish, but they never really mention that (at least that I could tell), except for one part about circumcision. Not that it matters, but it's just interesting that they don't mention it at all. My first thought about this movie was, "Hmm, this seems like something they would show at Easter". But then I realized, "No, it's a Hannukah movie."  Duh!

Like most stories set in the far-flung past, it's very violent in parts. The end of the first part of this miniseries ends in a really shocking and violent way. I wouldn't say it's gratuitous, though, and that part is directly from the bible, apparently.

The second part was good, too, but the ending was not nearly as exciting as the rest of it. It wasn't bad, just kind of dull. I think it's supposed to be inspirational or something.

The acting is very good, and everyone does a wonderful job. You'll recognize some very familiar faces, like Minnie Driver and Morena Baccarin. This is well worth tuning in for, especially if you're a woman, or just like good drama.


The Red Tent
Night One Premieres Sunday, December 7, at 9pm ET/PT
Night Two Premieres Monday, Decemeber 8, at 9pm ET/PT

The Lifetime® miniseries The Red Tent (#TheRedTent), based on the best-selling novel by Anita Diamant, is a sweeping tale that takes place during the times of the Old Testament, told through the eyes of Dinah, the daughter of Leah and Jacob. The miniseries begins with Dinah’s happy childhood spent inside the red tent where the women of her tribe gather and share the traditions and turmoil of ancient womanhood. The film recounts the story of Dinah’s mothers, Leah, Rachel, Zilpah and Bilhah, the four wives of Jacob. Dinah matures and experiences an intense love that subsequently leads to a devastating loss, and the fate of her family is forever changed. Debra Winger portrays Rebecca, Jacob’s mother, and Will Tudor stars as Joseph, Dinah’s brother. The all-star cast features Academy Award®, Golden Globe® and Emmy® nominee Minnie Driver, Emmy nominee Morena Baccarin, Golden Globe nominee Rebecca Ferguson, Iain Glen, Will Tudor and Academy Award, Golden Globe and Emmy nominee Debra Winger.


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Page updated 11/18/14

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