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Red Band Society cast pic

"Red Band Society" review by Suzanne
Premieres September 17 on FOX

I love the cast in this show, but I can't say I really love the show. For one thing, it seemed more like an ABC Family show than a FOX show. It was very heartwarming, but otherwise, there wasn't much to it. The show is about a difficult subject matter - kids with cancer in a hospital. However, they seemed to bend over backwards to make the show positive and uplifting, no matter what. No one dies in the first episode. In fact, the kids barely seem sick at all. It's not very realistic, and it's full of clichés.

The show's kids are very likable and engaging. They have real acting talent. Oscar winner Octavia Spencer plays the nurse in the kid's ward. One of the kids narrates the show because he's in a coma, which is an interesting plot device (although stolen right from the TV show "Saving Hope").  Dave Annable, who's always great to see, plays a cancer doctor.

I just didn't see anything in the pilot episode that would make me want to tune in again, and I can't imagine that the show is going to survive. I don't think anyone will want to watch it, as uplifting as it may be and as charming as the cast is.  It's also a dramedy, which means it has a lot of humor as well as drama. Sometimes those shows are hard for audiences to classify.

One of the boys in the show has lost his leg to cancer and another one has cancer in his leg and might lose it. One girl has an eating disorder and another one has a bad heart. Yet they're all very plucky and earnest.  One of the boys decides they should all get his red hospital arm bands and thus the name of the show.

The show faces tough competition against "The 100", which is probably a lot more popular with teens, as well as 3 other popular shows. I wouldn't invest in its future, even though it is produced by Stephen Spielberg.

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Page updated 9/8/14

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