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"Partners" review by Suzanne
Airs Mondays at 9 on FX

This show is just not very funny. It's often cringe-worthy. It's such a shame because the two stars are great and are just comic geniuses as well as wonderful dramatic actors. All of their previous shows were better than this.

I wonder why Kelsey Grammer would do this because "Boss" was such a wonderful show. The one he did as a weatherman was funnier than this (and it got canceled pretty quickly).  The jokes are just horrible.  The acting is fine and there are laughs just from the stars, but the jokes are bad. I hope they're successful and then get a lot more and better writers to improve the show.

It's not as bad as "Saint George", but it's not as good as "Anger Management", either.


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Video Clips:

“Jurist Prudence”

Description: As Allen carefully assembles the jury for their next case against an old rival, Marcus dives back into the dating scene for the first time since his divorce.


“The Curious Case of Benjamin Butt-Ugly”

Description: When one of Allen’s former colleagues wants to divorce his wife over an ugly baby he can’t believe he fathered, the guys investigate a fertility clinic to uncover the sticky truth.


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Page updated 8/28/14

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