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Mei and her birth mother

"One Child" review by Suzanne 1/5/15
Aired in December on Sundance

I apologize for how late this is, but someone else was supposed to write this for me, and she had trouble accessing her Sundance Channel.  Also, it's only a 4-part miniseries, so it came and went pretty quickly. You can probably still watch it on the Sundance website or on On Demand, or Amazon Prime or Netflix.

You definitely want to watch it because it's very good! It may be a little slow if you're used to just network TV, but otherwise I found it pretty engrossing.

A young woman named Mei, who was born in China but adopted by British parents when she was a baby, gets a Skype call from a woman in China, asking her to come see her mother. Her brother, Ajun, has been arrested for killing a man. We see at the beginning that Ajun was just a witness, but the police and local corrupt officials have pinned the murder on him. Mei was given up by her mother, so she's reluctant to get involved at first.  She's a victim of the "One Child" policy in China, where parents were told that they can only have one child, and often they preferred boy children over girls, so the girls were often killed or given up.

I haven't watched the second two parts yet, but the first two were very good. I would definitely recommend it to anyone. It's not light or fun, but it's very well done. Mei is portrayed by Katie Leung, who played Harry Potter's girlfriend in the movies. You may recognize veteran actress Elizabeth Perkins, who plays Mei's adopted mother (she has an American accent, so we can assume that she married an Englishman, but they didn't explain that).

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