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"Mysteries of Laura" review by Suzanne
Premieres Wednesday 9/17 on NBC

The best thing about this show is Debra Messing. She's always wonderful in any show.  This show is part comedy and part drama, and she excels at both. It makes for a pretty uneven show, unfortunately. They want to be "Rizzoli & Isles", which is even mentioned during the show, but they don't pull it off. However, the cast does a great job, and the show is intriguing and draws you in. It improves as it goes along.

Messing plays Detective Laura Diamond, who's trying to divorce her police lieutenant husband (Josh Lucas) and take care of two bratty boys, as well as catch murderers. In the pilot, she and her boss (the always fabulous Enrico Colantoni) are chatting with a rich guy who's received death threats, but things don't go as planned.  Following up on the case, she works with her partner, Billy (series regular Laz Alonso).

The pilot episode starts with a big chase, which is always fun.  The episode is sometimes funny, but some of the bits don't gibe well with the drama of the series (such as when she tries to blackmail a teacher). However, there are a couple of great surprises at the end that you'll want to watch (although one of them made me very sad - what were they thinking?). I do look forward to other episodes and I hope it gets even better. Check it out!

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