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Christian Slater and Rami Malek

"Mr. Robot" review by Suzanne 6/7/15
Series Premiere Wednesday June 24 10/9C on USA Network

They really need to stop making so many good TV shows because I just don't have enough time to watch them all! Plus, most of them get canceled, so then I get feel really bad and get disappointed. Such is the life of a TV addict. This one taps into everything I love and believe in: The internet, the hatred of corporations and the 1%, and mistrust of same, the hatred of the right wing and the love of the little guy and of the hacker who saves the day. Oh, and Christian Slater! Who's always great.

The show is about a hacker who works for a company by day, solving security problems, but in his spare time, he uses his hacking skills to shut down child pornographers and others who are doing terrible things. He's very messed-up, though, due to his bad childhood and horrible past, including the death of his father. He has a lot of anger at the system, although he's in therapy. He uses drugs, too, like similarly screwed-up TV characters such as Gregory House.

When he's called upon to stop an attempt to hack the evil corporation, he ends up getting involved with this group that's doing the hacking. Things take quite a turn for him. Along the way, he helps defend both his good friend and his psychiatrist, plus he gets a new pet. It's a very odd show, but also very appealing and entertaining.

There's just something very odd about a huge corporation like NBCUniversal making a TV show about a rebel, a bit of an anarchist, who's rebelling against society and huge corporations in particular...

Check it out, they're showing the first episode online.

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