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"Mistresses" review by Sundi 7/5/14
Airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on ABC Family

Itís no secret that I love a night-time soap. The juicier the better, and the more far-fetched and silly it gets, the more I eat it up. So, the summer premiere of ABCís Mistresses is one of the shows I watch immediately (as opposed to others that sit on my DVR for a few days [or weeks or months]). This season is more about exploring the ladiesí wild sides and playing out various female fantasies in extreme and implausible scenarios.


Last season ended with Savannahís car crash and Harry sitting vigil beside her bed, even after discovering the baby she was carrying was Dominicís. This season picks up months after the car crash, and Savannah lost the baby as a result of her injuries. Much to my annoyance, Savi picked Dom in her choose-between-two-hunks dilemma and the first few episodes show her returning to work as a part-time associate, under his guidance as partner.


Of course there is sexy new attorney, Toni, whose cleavage canít be contained and probably spends a third of her salary on self-tanner. She obviously has the hots for Dom, but Savi is too distracted trying to reacclimate to life after the crash to notice. Further distraction comes in the form of the dreamy Zach, who was also involved in the same crash as Savi. They form a bond over their shared experiences, and Savi uses their new relationship to act out some very out-of-character decisions: a Red Hot Chilli Peppers concert, a new tattoo, reckless driving.


Joss, having found a new maturity, is worried about her sister, Savi, and weighs in on all her life decisions. I guess the roles are reversing for the two sisters, because Joss has really gotten her life together since last season. Taking care of your invalid sister while she recovers from a near-fatal car crash will do that, that seems. Joss is no longer a flighty real-estate agent; she and Harry have started a new event planning business (side note: I am predicting a Joss-Harry match up in the near future). She is becoming wildly successful thanks, in no small part, to a new love interest Scott, for whom she has legitimate feelings. He seems to return the feelings, except for one small thing: he has an extreme shoe fetish, and plans to make Joss earn a chance to wear one of the dozens of pairs he has in his closet. I canít tell if heís super hot or super weird.


New boyfriends are going around, and April has a new one too. She met artist, Daniel at a trendy art-opening at which he was showing his sculptures, and fell into steamy sex with him almost immediately. He pushed her for more, she relented, and now she thinks she loves him, but she doesnít really know him and is beginning to suspect he as a secret. If only April knew what we knew: that heís been lying to her and is spending time with another woman. I have a feeling itís not what we think, and itís going to be a giant plot twist. THatís why I love this show.


I saved the craziest and juiciest storyline for last. Who knew Karen would be the most interesting of the ladies? Having been held hostage and witness to a murder, she is enjoying quite a bit of notoriety, which makes it hard to date in these modern times. April calls it the ďGoogle effect.Ē She tried giving up seeing patients for a while to work in the ER, but when that felt unsatisfying, she started seeing special cases in her living room. Still unfilled, she took a cue from her only client who moonlights as a paid escort. While Karen isnít having sex for money, yet, she is dressing up in wigs and slutty dresses and seducing a different man every night. Itís hard to imagine a world where this is a viable option for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, but this is why I tune into this show every week.


Did I miss anything? Do you guys love this show like I do? Tweet me your favorite moments from season two, so far. @sroseholt


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Page updated 7/22/14

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