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Megachurch Murder stars Shanica Knowles and Romeo Miller

"Megachurch Murder" review by Suzanne 2/6/15
Premieres Saturday February 7 at 8/7c on Lifetime

This is a really interesting movie. It's based on "Hamlet", so it's got a very good story. It's full of drama and tragedy. The director clearly played up to that with dramatic background music and having the actors be very dramatic. Maybe a little too much so. Personally, I prefer movies to be a little more realistic. But it wasn't bad or anything.

It doesn't have the same exact story or ending as "Hamlet", so you do want to watch it to see what happens! Lots of great stuff happens. The story is set in a successful, largely-African American church (they have a few white people in there, too, but I'm not sure why) in some fictional town (perhaps in the South).  A successful preacher is murdered, and his daughter doesn't take his death very well. She starts drinking and making a big fuss, and then she finds out some terrible things that change her life, and the lives of those around her. She also finds love along the way.

The actors do a great job. Malcolm-Jamal Werner (of "Major Crimes" and of course "The Cosby Show") plays the doomed preacher, Hamilton Spears. He is great at the beginning, so you don't want to miss that. Shanica Knowles (known mostly for "Hannah Montana") is the star of the show as the preacher's daughter, Hannah. Tamala Jones (Lanie on "Castle") plays her mom. Michael Beach (of "The Game", "Sons of Anarchy" and lots more) plays Clay King, who takes over the church after Hamilton's death. Hannah falls for his son, Oliver (Romeo Miller, AKA "Lil Romeo). Oliver has two brothers, and one of them is played by Corbin Bleu (Jeffrey King on "One Life to Live") in a role like you've probably never seen him.

It's very well done. I enjoyed the story and seeing Tamala in a very different role. It has some great music, too. You want to watch this good drama.

You can read my interview with Tamala!



Premieres Saturday, February 7, at8pm ET/PT


Shanica Knowles and Malcolm-Jamal Warner star in the upcoming movie Megachurch Murder, premieringSaturday, February 7, at 8pm ET/PT on Lifetime.



Inspired by Shakespeare’s Hamlet and set in a modern African American church, Megachurch Murder tells the story of Hannah’s (Shanica Knowles, Jump In!) life going off the rails after her father (“Hamilton Spears” - Malcolm-Jamal Warner, Sons of Anarchy) passes away in a cycling accident. The only thing keeping Hannah’s life together is her new boyfriend (“Oliver” – Romeo Miller, Honey). Hannah soon finds evidence pointing to a church conspiracy and threats towards her father, determined to prove that Hamilton’s death was in fact murder. As she gets closer to the truth, she realizes her own mother (“Martha” – Tamala Jones, Castle) and her boyfriend’s father (“Clay” – Michael Beach, Sons of Anarchy) may be involved in the death of her father. Corbin Bleu (High School Music) and Dawnn Lewis (Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper) also star.

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