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cast of "The McCarthys"

"The McCarthys" review by Suzanne 11/5/14
s Thursdays 9:30/8:30pm on CBS

The show is about a big Irish middle class family in Boston. Dad is a college (?) basketball coach and two of his sons, who are not too bright, help him with the team. The other son is a gay high school guidance counselor, and the daughter is a slut. Mom is abrasive. In short, your average sitcom premise. In the pilot, dad's assistant coach dies, so he has to choose a replacement.

This could have been a really good show, in the right hands, but the writers here are awful. It's not at all funny. The people are annoying. The jokes are stupid and obvious. You can see them coming a mile away. They treat the gay son like it's 20 years ago. It's hard to watch because it's just so awkward. The actors are great, particularly Tyler Ritter, who plays the gay son, Ronnie (son of famous actor John Ritter), and Laurie Metcalf (most known as the sister Jackie on Roseanne). It's too bad they don't have any good writers left in Hollywood.

Just to give you an example, the show is set in Boston, and Ronny tells them that he has gotten a new and better job in Providence, Rhode Island. The family is aghast and says terrible things about Rhode Island, and the mother is horrified that her son is moving so far away. However, Boston and Providence are less than an hour away, and many people commute between them. It might have made a good joke if only they'd mentioned that... but instead they act like there's some big hatred of Providence, or rivalry, and that the son is moving so far away. All of which is ridiculous. These L.A. writers couldn't be bothered to even Google "distance between Boston and Rhode Island" to check their facts?

Ugh. Horrible show. I don't know why they can't write funny sitcoms any more. Sorry, but pass on this one.

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Page updated 11/5/14

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