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Marry Me on NBC

"Marry Me" review by Sundi 10/11/14
Airs Tuesdays 9/8c on NBC

I should disclaim this review with a little disclosure about how much I absolutely love Casey Wilson. I think she is brilliant and hilarious, and I would probably watch anything she did. That being said, I think NBC’s "Marry Me" is a pretty good vehicle for her talents over all, and features a stellar cast of über-funny actors, namely, the charming Ken Merino (East Bound and Down). Wilson and Merino play Annie and Jake (respectively), a couple that have been dating for six years.  They're so cute you might want to throw up. That is, until Annie has a mini-freakout upon returning from their two-week vacation, in which she thought Jake would propose. When Jake pretends to leave, Annie loses it and unleashes a ten-minute freak out.  She insults his “garbage friends”, his bitch of a mother and her trampy friend (who Annie says is too old for rompers). As Annie’s rant is about to hit critical mass, she turns around to find Jake on one knee, holding a black box, and all their family and friends coming out of hiding (where they were so they could witness his proposal).

While this bit isn’t incredibly original or fresh, Wilson and Merino play it without any self-consciousness, and it comes off as hilariously awkward as it was meant to. Wilson’s real-life husband is the showrunner for "Marry Me", and a lot of the material comes from their relationship, which makes this show even more endearing and sweet, and some of its cringiest moments even more so.

Do we need another show about a couple and their relationship journey? Probably not, but we do need shows that will make you laugh out loud with their willingness to go for a joke, and the courage to be as inappropriate as need be to get the laugh, and this is that show. If you liked Casey Wilson in Happy Endings, then you will like her as Annie. So far, there is not much to this show that might exclude a broader audience, but some folks might be turned off by Annie’s desperation and the implications of what a it means for a 32-year-old character to be so frantic to use her “one egg.” I am not one of those people, and I will be watching the heck out of this show, and I hope you will, too.

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