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"Man Seeking Woman" review by Suzanne 1/14/15
Premieres Wednesday January 14 on FXX at 10:30pm

Sitcoms should really have one main goal: to be funny. The problem with that is that humor is subject. What you think is funny is not necessarily what I think is funny, and vice versa. With a TV show, they hope that enough people find it funny that they'll keep tuning in. A lot of sitcoms nowadays try to do other things besides being funny, like having likable characters or being cute. It just doesn't work.

I like a really laugh-out-loud, silly show as long as it's funny and not too stupid. This show meets that criteria. It made me laugh quite a bit. You really do have to have a good sense of the absurd. I like surprising humor - thinks that surprise or shock me and make me laugh. This show doesn't really take anything seriously, including reality. It's almost like a cartoon in that sense. You have to have a good imagination to enjoy it.

Josh and his girlfriend broke up after 6 years (and I gather they were living together). He's trying to find another girl to date.  We see everything though his mind, which is filled with lots of fantasy. I don't want to spoil any of the jokes for you, but let's just say that strange things happen on his dates. They're very funny and strange. Unlike some other shows, they don't then explain it as imagination or show it to be a dream or whatever. It's all about what's in his head.

Explore it if you dare! And then you'll have a good time. I look forward to seeing more this outlandish show.

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