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Téa Leoni and Željko Ivanek

"Madam Secretary" review by Suzanne
Airs Sundays 8/7c on CBS

This show is good at subterfuge. At first you might think it's a by-the-book political drama loosely based on Hilary Clinton.  Obviously, the character of Elizabeth looks very similar to Hilary (she's much prettier than Hilary, of course, and younger), and she's a female Secretary of State that was formerly working with the president.

However, Leoni's Elizabeth is a former CIA agent, which gives her a bit of an edge. Also, she's married to a loyal professor (Tim Daly) and has two children. The standard politics story might remind you of "West Wing" or "Scandal", but there are layers to it and a bit of intrigue that carries from episode-to-episode. Elizabeth finds out that her predecessor may have been murdered, and the guy who tells her about that is then found dead. Danger, Will Robinson!

The president is played by Keith Carradine, one of many fine well-seasoned actors I like in the show. The Chief of Staff, who is Elizabeth's professional nemesis, is the fabulous actor Željko Ivanek, who has played the bad guy in many shows (but he also can play a very likable guy, too).  In the pilot, it's tempting to say it's a very mediocre show where everyone is as they seem, but towards the end, things pick up. I think this is one of those shows that will get more interesting over time. Most of the characters very likable, which is good.

Some might try to compare it to the show "The Good Wife" that follows it, but they're very different shows. "The Good Wife" grabs you by the throat (or other body part) and doesn't let go. This one is more of a slow-burning type of show. Like a fuse. I look forward to seeing more!

If you do watch or record this or "The Good Wife", make sure you also record the show or two after that because football tends to push the shows back on Sundays, especially if you live on the East coast.

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Page updated 9/23/14

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