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Louie CK

"Louie" review by Suzanne 4/3/15
Season 5 Premieres Thursday April 9, 10:30pm on FX

I've never loved this show, and I don't know why all the critics think it's so great. The first season or so was okay...very hit-or-miss, and then it got worse. FX always sends me the DVD's of the show, so I watch it, but then I end up fast-forwarding through all of the boring or cringe-worthy or gross parts.

As a comedian, I like Louie a lot. When they show him doing his stand-up act, I enjoy it. However, as a sitcom writer, he seems to enjoy making the audience very uncomfortable without much humorous pay-off. Often, his idea of funny scenes are scatological.

I would say this season is the worst of all of the ones I've previously seen (although, to be fair, I still have some episodes of Season 5 on DVD that I haven't watched yet). In the first episode, airing April 9, Louie's in therapy, but his therapist falls asleep. (I thought at first that he was dying, but I guess not) Louie decides that he's boring, so he goes to one of his daughter's parent potlucks. First he goes to the wrong one (that idea was kind of funny, but the execution, not so much). Then when he goes to the right one, he meets a pregnant lady, and he ends up getting a ride with her. They have sex. In a lot of Louie's episodes, he ends up having sex with some strange woman. I'm sure this is every man's fantasy, but to me it's kind of boring after a while, and doesn't even make sense that someone who looks like him would get all of these woman coming on to him. This one is way too attractive for him. She looks like Rosanne Arquette--way out of his league. 

Anyway, I've tried watching the disk they sent me, but I can't get through at all. I give up. The show is terrible. Sorry! If you liked the other seasons, you'll probably love this one.


LOUIE returns for its fifth season on Thursday, April 9 at 10:30pm ET/PT, immediately following the series  debut of The Comedians.

Media Guide

Video clips for LOUIE. Season five premieres Thursday, April 9 at 10:30 PM E/P only on FX. 

New Yorkers There’s only one city that’s perfect for Louie. 
Sax Music to your ears.
Song Louie. Everybody’s doing it.
Uncomfortable The truth hurts. Really, really hurts. 
In Therapy There’s never a dull moment. Usually. 
Freak Criminally funny.

In celebration of April Fools everywhere, FX is making every episode from last season of LOUIE available on FXNOW (,

from today through its Season 5 premiere on Thursday, April 9 @ 10:30pm ET/PT on FX.

Season 5 of FX’s award-winning comedy LOUIE, which premieres Thursday, April 9 at 10:30pm ET/PT, immediately following the series debut of The Comedians.

Created by Louis C.K., Louie is a comedy revolving around “Louie,” a semi-fictional version of Louis C.K. played by C.K.  The show is filtered through the observational humor of “Louie.”  Each episode puts a spotlight on “Louie’s” hectic life as a stand-up comedian and single father who shares custody of his two daughters, “Lilly” (Hadley Delaney) and “Jane” (Ursula Parker).  The single-camera comedy is a mix of “Louie’s” stand-up comedy and scripted films.  The series deals with everyday life issues including work, parenting and relationships, and has touched on topics ranging from religion to politics to social behavior.  While many of the episodes are stand alone, the series has also included many serialized episodes.  This will again hold true in season five.

Louis C.K. serves as executive producer, writer, director and editor for the series, and M. Blair Breard and Dave Becky are Executive Producers.  The series is produced by FX Productions.


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