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Kevin from Work cast

"Kevin from Work" review by Suzanne 8/28/15
Airs on ABC Family
Wednesdays 8:30/7:30c

This is a terrible show. The idea is a good one. A guy named Kevin quits his crummy job to start his dream job overseas, and he says goodbye to the girl in the office that he loves, Audrey. He gets really drunk and mails a letter, telling her all about his feelings. But then his dream job falls through, so he has to beg for his job back and deal with the really-awkward situation.

However, the jokes are not funny at all. In fact, it's really hard to watch at times because of the awkwardness and discomfort.  Comedy needs SOME discomfort, but this show has too much. Some of the characters on the show, such as Audrey's gross roommate, are just unbearable to watch.

It's not nearly as funny as ABC Family's other shows like "Baby Daddy" and "Melissa & Joey."  Really, skip this one unless you really like dumb humor.

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