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"iZombie" review by Suzanne 4/1/15
Airs Tuesdays 9/8c on The CW

This is a pretty good show, and interesting, but despite what other reviews I've read say, it's not as good as "Veronica Mars."  Perhaps because that show, being more realistic, and about a high school girl, was something with which I could more easily identify. I don't know any zombies! Also, "Veronica Mars" has some really cute guys in it, and this show doesn't.  Lastly, I just think that show was more interesting, cool, and clever.  Both shows are made by the same people, but this one is also based on a comic book.

Leaving VM aside, this is still a good show. It's about a young doctor, Liv (Rose McIver), who goes to a party and gets turned into a zombie. Her whole life changes. She has to drop her fiancÚ, she changes jobs (now she works at the Medical Examiner's office) and she craves brains. Also, she learns that by eating the brains of dead murder victims, she gets glimpses into their lives (and their deaths) as well as temporarily inherits some of their characteristics or personality traits.

Only two people know that she's a zombie: her goofy boss, Ravi (Rahul Kohli), and another zombie, Blaine (the guy who turned her into one).  He's played wonderfully by David Anders. Anders is always great, especially as a villain. You may know from one of his many roles on such shows as "Alias," "Once Upon a Time," "Heroes," or "The Vampire Diaries."  Her boss is trying to figure out if there's a cure for her condition. She also has to hide her secret from her family, her roommate and the cop that she helps with solving crimes (he just thinks she's psychic).

I don't normally watch any shows about zombies, or any shows with gross viruses that turn people into zombie-like creatures. There are so many of them! I find them to be too gross, and zombies creep me out. However, on this show, there isn't as much grossness, and the zombies are generally not slow, stupid, stumbling, creepy monsters.  This show is to zombies as "Teen Wolf" is to werewolves. It's made them much more human and normal (and far less scary).  That's good because it means I can watch it. I plan to keep watching it because it's an interesting crime-solving show, and we learn a little bit more, all of the time, about how her life is impacted by being a zombie.

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