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Some of the robots in HUMANS

"HUMANS" review by Suzanne 8/11/15
Airs Sundays 9/8c on AMC

This is a really good British scifi show. It's set in a near-future where human-looking robots (Synths) are serving mankind. Some of them have emotions and have become sentient. Most of the show focuses on an Asian-looking Synth named Mia, who has been taken in by the Hawkins family and named Anita.  The overworked mother of the family Laura, is very jealous of her at first, but then she starts noticing that Anita is not acting like she's supposed to, so she gets even more suspicious. She and the teen daughter, Mattie, don't trust Synths. The little girl (Sophie), teen boy (Toby) and husband (Joe) think she's great.

Mia is the "sister" of the other Synths. She was captured and re-programmed, so she doesn't remember that she's got emotions and is not like other Synths, but she has flashes of memory.  She has two brothers and another sister. One of the brothers, Max, is on the run with a human named Leo that wants to protect them all (and he's in love with Mia). They're being hunted by Professor Edwin Hobb, who knows that a Syntha with emotions can be dangerous. Another robot, Fred, is taken captive. Niska was also captured and reprogrammed to be a prostitute, but she doesn't enjoy her work and soon escapes.

The other characters include two police officers, Detective Sergeant Pete Drummond and Detective Inspector Karen Voss, who investigate problems and crimes involving Synths.  Pete's wife is recovering from an accident, so she relies heavily on a handsome Synth (which Pete is not too happy about).  All of the characters are very interesting, especially the Synths.

It's a very compelling drama. Lots of exciting things happen. If you like scifi, or just good drama, you should like this. I've watched the first three episodes, and I can't wait to watch the rest!

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