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"Hindsight" review by Suzanne 1/14/15
airs Wednesdays 10/9c on VH1

This is a really fun and intriguing fantasy show that just started. If you like shows like "Drop Dead Diva" or movies like "Peggy Sue Got Married", then you should enjoy this. The show is about a woman named Becca, who's about to get married for the second time, and she's not thrilled about it.  After we get to know her family a little, and the problems they have, she goes back to the past, to her FIRST wedding day.

The show sounds predictable, but it's not at all. We really feel her conflicts and wonder what decisions she'll make.  The most fun parts are, of course, that she's stuck back in the 90's, so things are different (Particularly with technology and pop culture).  If you long for that era, you'll probably enjoy the show.  The cast is great, too. Really, the only thing that seemed odd to me was that she had the exact same job, even though it's 20 years earlier.

Anyone who's ever been in a bad relationship will appreciate what goes on.  It's more than just a good "chick" show and I intend to keep watching it. Check it out!

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Page updated 1/13/15

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