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Gotham cast

"Gotham" review by Suzanne 9/1/14
Premieres September 22 on FOX

This is a really cool show, even though Batman is not a character in it. You can't compare it to shows like "Smallville" or "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.", even though it has some similarities to this show. It's much more cool and hip than either of those shows ever even aspired to be. It's got the same cool darkness that the Batman movies and comics have. It's got fabulous actors, good stories, and a real comic book feel in the Batman tradition.

The pilot episode begins with the shooting of young Bruce Wayne's parents, just as the Batman origin movies do. However, rather than skip ahead to Bruce's evolution into becoming Batman, it stays there.  The murder is investigated by a young Commissioner Gordon (Ben McKenzie, who was excellent as a young cop in "Southland"), who is a new detective. He's partnered with an older, corrupt, hard-drinking cop named Harvey Bullock (the awesomely talented Donal Logue). Veteran character actor John Doman plays the big mob boss Carmine Falcone.

We get to see other Batman characters when they're younger, such as Ben's girlfriend and future wife, Barbara; the young Oswald who becomes The Penguin; the young Catwoman when she's a teen, a middle-aged Alfred, and so on.  The show is really a hard-boiled cop show, with elements of Batman here and there. It might remind you more of Dick Tracy than Batman in some ways.

You'll want to make sure to watch this one, and I predict it'll be a huge success. I thought it was a weird idea, but watching it made me realize that it works.

Interview with Robin Lord Taylor

Interview with Ben McKenzie

Interview with Bruno Heller

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