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The Girls

"Girlfriend Intervention" review by Sundi 8/30/14
Airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on Lifetime

A few minutes into Lifetime’s Girlfriend Intervention, and I felt a little annoyed at its silliness, and seemingly racial insensitivity. But as I watched the whole hour of the makeover show, I started to soften. What started as a superficial way to change women into something society thinks is beautiful, turned into a show offering real talk about women’s body images.


Even though the show’s premise frames the makeover as finding the “black woman trapped in every white girl,” I felt like the four black “girlfriends” offered some beautiful and sisterly advice to Joanie, the ex-dancer and mother of two. Hosted by Tanisha of The Bad Girls Club fame, this show doesn’t do a lot of shaming like other makeover shows, but talks about women of all sizes deserving to feel beautiful.


Every week, the “girlfriends” take on another sad case, and help her find her inner black girl confidence. There are some sweeping generalizations about women of all races, but all in all, this show has good intentions. I never felt like the girlfriends were judging the guest, nor did it feel condescending or snarky, like these types of shows often do.


If you like What Not to Wear, but need it have a little more sass and a lot less eyerolling, then GIrlfriend Intervention is for you. Once you get past all the cliches that these four black women are perpetuating about their race and gender, you get to see women empowering other women, and that is a beautiful sight. I liked it, and I’ll probably watch it when I need a shot of esteem.


For more of my thoughts and opinions about the shows I watch, visit my blog at Entertainment Weekly’s The Community




Many black women carry themselves with a great deal of pride, style and, most importantly, self-confidence. Where does it come from and how can it be obtained?   Who better to teach a woman how to get that sparkle in her eye and spring back in her step?  Each week, Girlfriend Intervention follows a woman whose personal space and self-esteem are in desperate need of a major makeover and a life-giving dose of diva inspiration. 

Tracy Balan
Tracy Balan is not one to follow the pack, as her career reveals.  A Brooklyn native for more than 20 years who has had varied experience from being in the U.S. Military to sitting front row at Fashion Week, Balan lives by the motto, “Life is like a buffet, you might as well have it all now!”  She has proven this by becoming one of the most successful up and coming hair designers in the beauty industry today. 

Balan was raised in a family of four girls, where she had more than enough subjects to hone her skill set. Her earliest recollection of wanting to be a hairstylist was at the age of eight. “It was Christmas” Balan says, “Mom got me a life size hair station that came fully equipped with a life size doll to practice on.”  It was then that she fell in love with styling hair.  “Truthfully,” Balan says, “I love being able to transform people.”

Networking came naturally to Balan, but she wanted to learn the ins and outs of running a business.  She decided to enter a business program in hopes of increasing her knowledge on the subject of marketing. Excelling, Balan won second place in the program’s competition with her marketing and financial plan.  Yearning for more knowledge and with an athletic side looming, she joined the U.S. Military Intelligence Department.  This went against the wishes and warnings of those close to Balan.  Three years later, a leg injury sent her home as a military veteran.

Following her time in the military, Tracy decided it was time to elevate the “Balan Brand.”  Tapping into her childhood dream, Balan decided to enroll in cosmetology school at Empire Beauty School, and molded her passion for hairstyling into a brand as a master in extensions and color.  She has since worked with celebrities around the world including the likes of Florence of Florence and the Machine, Rita Ora, and many more.  Balan’s clientele ranges from career women to chic cosmopolitan girls sharing the same desire to alter their appearance quickly and easily.

Balan is in her own lane using her relentless drive and work ethic to continually pay homage to her past, current and future hair comrades.  She plans to strive for success with the same unstoppable attitude and business savvy that propelled her through her earlier years.

Tiffiny Dixon

When she is not busy speaking, styling or hosting personal style workshops, you can find Tiffiny Dixon working diligently on a local level to continue the movement to empower women, “one makeover at a time.”

Seamlessly merging sophistication and fun, Dixon founded MEO Total Body Beauty, a New York City based makeup and wardrobe consultant firm, in 2008.  Featuring a staff of consultants, who throughout their careers, have been responsible for creating stunning looks for beauties like Angelina Jolie, Michelle Obama and Heidi Klum, Dixon is a sought after style coach and commercial stylist. 

Originally from the Bronx, Dixon feels that a negative body image affects your life.  She feels it robs a woman of her right to equality.  “People treat you the way you treat and carry yourself.”  Dixon says that the world seems to be celebrating a more buxom, but still a size 2, body type.  However, it was just in the 1990’s when model Kate Moss was he “It” girl and celebrated for her waif look.  “You have to define beauty for yourself because if you don’t, you will always be running on a hamster trail constantly waving your wallet at the next trend, plastic surgeon or hairstylist.”  To obtain great style, Dixon’s stresses working with what you have and includes three pieces of advice: Know your body, know what lies beneath and know how to flaunt it.

Tanisha Thomas

Tanisha Thomas is the hilarious, larger-than-life Brooklyn diva who hosts Oxygen’s dating competition show Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too.  She also hosts two talk shows for Oxygen, Bad Girls Club: Afterparty television specials and the OxygenLive online series.  Thomas will also be hosting a new show on Oxygen that is a like a fusion of The Soup and Watch What Happens Live.

Thomas starred in the seventh season of the VH1 reality competition series Celebrity Fit Club.  A member of the winning Blue Team, she lost 24 pounds while on the show.  Thomas also confronted the issues that have contributed to her weight, and the audience quickly embraced her honesty and raw emotion.

Thomas was first introduced to television audiences in 2008 as a cast member in season two of The Bad Girls Club, one of Oxygen’s highest-rated original series ever.  She quickly became the show’s number- one fan favorite with her own catchphrases and viral videos.

Since her breakout appearance on The Bad Girls Club, Thomas has been featured on many television and radio programs, including The Tyra Banks Show, Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List, The Soup, The A-List Awards, Dr. Oz, and the nationally syndicated radio show Big Boy’s Neighborhood to name a few. She recently wrapped Marriage Boot Camp Celebrity Edition for the WE network, airing spring 2014, where viewers will see Tanisha in a whole new light.

Thomas also premiered her first solo project for Oxygen called Tanisha Gets Married.  The show was picked up for a full season in 2012 and became Oxygen's best ever freshman docu-series premiere. Tanisha Gets Married was a 96% increase in all Oxygen’s key demos.

Thomas is dedicated to her hometown of Brooklyn, and hopes to make a difference in the community by starting a non-profit organization working with inner city youth.  She is currently working on several new projects that include a plus size movement called PLUSH and a cosmetics line.

Nikki Chu

For the past decade, renowned interior designer to the stars and prominent fashion accessory designer, Nikki Chu, has been known from Miami to LA for her exceptional flare, sleek designs and eclectic taste. Filled with a passionate love for design, Chu has accomplished a vast range of interior projects as well as fashion collaborations with some of the most accredited names in the industry.

Born and raised in Toronto, Chu embraced her passion for design at a young age and followed her dreams to the International Academy of Design in Toronto, Ontario to learn the tricks of the trade.  She soon found herself in Miami as Creative Director for Tinsely Advertising, one of the top 10 leading advertising agencies in Southern Florida.  Chu’s innovative mind and distinctive style won her two gold national Addies Awards for the company.  Her portfolio rapidly expanded, and she found herself overseeing interior design projects for Hollywood stars.

Seeking the ‘Nikki Chu’ aesthetic, Access Hollywood sought the acclaimed home designer for a post-election special featuring Chu’s design ideas for Sasha and Malia Obama’s bedrooms.  Since then, she has been considered the lifestyle and design expert for several TV networks such as HGTV, Fine Living, Food Network and E!

As a highly regarded interior designer and known trendsetter, Chu has collaborated with several top names.  A void in the market was filled with everyday functional, yet aspirational fashion accessories for NFL for Women, NIKE, Fox Racing and Creative Recreation Shoes.  Due to overwhelming success and a massive following, she is highly sought after and has since engaged in special projects and cross-branding opportunities.  Chu’s latest venture, Villa Home, offers an assortment of decorative pillows and bedding products. In addition to her newest venture, Nikki’s self titled home collection ‘Nikki Chu Home’ is set to launch July 2014 consisting of chic home accent pieces.

During her career, Chu has been awarded several honors for her outstanding accomplishments in her respective field.  She was nominated for Best Product Designer for the 25th Annual Arts Awards and recognized for Best Home Textile via Villa Home Collections.  Her multi-brand empire continues to grow, as well as her special projects.  You can visit to learn more.

Chu currently resides in LA, but remains bicoastal between New York and Los Angeles. 

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