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Forever's Ioan Gruffud and Alana De La Garza

"Forever" review by Suzanne
Premieres September 23 on ABC

I really enjoyed this show. I love Ioan Gruffud, anyway, and he's at his charming best in this show. He plays a medical examiner that never dies (every time he dies, he comes back to life in the water and doesn't know why).  The concept reminds me a bit of a show from 2008 called "New Amsterdam", about a police detective in NYC who couldn't die. That's all they have in common, though, because the tone of this one is a lot more light and fun.

Since Gruffud's Doctor Morgan has lived a long time and is very smart, he knows a lot and has a keen eye for detail. That part reminds me a lot of Sherlock Holmes in "Elementary". I'm guessing that this show is a sort of way for ABC to have a Sherlock Holmes show.  Alana De La Garza plays a police detective that works with him to solve cases.  They have a good chemistry. Judd Hirsch is excellent as Dr. Morgan's friend, who knows his secret. In the pilot, he also finds out that someone else not only knows his secret but might share his particular dilemma of immortality - and what's more, might be a serial killer.

I don't know if people will buy this show, but I really enjoyed it and plan to keep watching it as long as it lasts.  Check out the pilot now on!

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Page updated 9/8/14

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