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Angel Gabriel and Alex

"Dominion" review by Suzanne 8/9/15
Airs Thursdays 10/9c on Syfy

I really enjoyed the first season of this show, and so far I've been enjoying the second season as well. When I first watched it, it seemed just a little too much like a bad imitation of "Supernatural," but as I kept watching, I enjoyed it. The characters and the situations are very interesting.

Michael is my favorite. They made him very likable, and then at the end of the first season he killed his girlfriend! Yikes!  The show's hero is Alex, The Chosen One, and he's not nearly as likable, but he's not UNlikable.  Sometimes I do want to slap him and say, "Okay, just stop being such a jerk and embrace your destiny already!"  But, to be fair, he's had a tough life.

The other favorite character is David, played by the always-wonderful Anthony Head. I have to admit that his role on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" was my favorite, but he's also shown quite a great range playing villains and other three-dimensional characters in his many roles since. Even though his character here is heinous, you often feel sorry for him, like in the first season when he had to kill his pet lion, and also when he had to push his son out of town (for his own good).  Even though he's also a murdering S.O.B.

Anyway, I hope you can watch the second season because it's really good. I just hope Syfy gives us a third season. They don't seem to be promoting it as much as they did last year, which worries me. Tell your friends to watch it, too! It's a really good show.

Make sure you check out the Syfy website because they have an awful lot of stuff there to help you catch up or remind you what happened in the first season.  There are only 8 episodes per season, so you can squeeze it in your "free time!"

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