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"Deutschland 83" review by Suzanne 8/11/15
Airs Wednesdays at 11pm on SundanceTV

This is a very good suspenseful thriller. It has subtitles because it's all in German.  A young border guard, Martin (Jonas Nay) in East Germany is forced to go undercover in West Germany, to spy for the government. This takes place about the time that  Ronald Reagan was thinking about bombing Russia. Martin just wants to get back to his mom and girlfriend, but he's forced to do what his government is forcing him to do, even though it's very dangerous.

This is not "The Americans." It's a much more realistic show.  Nay reminds me a little of Elijah Woods.  He has similarly big eyes and shows a lot with them.

There are only 8 episodes, but they lack a lot of great story into it. There's action, suspense, and even some comedy. You want to make sure to catch it if you missed it.

Sorry I waited so long to review it...I had a little trouble viewing it the first time around because the subtitles were hard to read. They're very small and lightly colored. I had to sit very close to the TV to read it.

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