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Cristela on ABC

"Cristela" review by Eva Diaz 10/13/14
Airs Fridays 8:30/7:30c on ABC

I had watched several commercials for this show, and it looked like it was funny but I still kept my guard up about it because frankly, the new comedies I had seen were not laugh-out-loud funny. Cristela had also gained some controversy by some critics because they said it is promoting stereotypes of the Hispanic community. I love sitcoms, so I decided to watch it and make up my own mind. I wasn't expecting to laugh out loud . The show does bring to light many stereotypes about the Hispanic community, but it uses comedy to show people how those stereotypes are wrong The show's star, Cristela Alonzo, who plays a struggling law student,  moves in with her sister and her family to make ends meet until she gets her law degree.

I really enjoyed this show! My favorite part is the love/hate relationship between Cristela and her brother-in-law, Felix, played by telenovela star Carlos Ponce. He's surprisingly funny in this role. This show reminds me a bit of "The George Lopez Show", which makes sense, since the show's star and Creator Cristela Alonzo admits she was trying to do a similar type of comedy.

The show has a great cast.  If you want to laugh out load and have a good time with your family, you should watch this show because despite the cultural differences, I am sure you will find your family reflected in the show. I give this show 5 out of 5 stars! Cristela airs Fridays 8:30 PM Eastern 7:30 Central time

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