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Gretchen and John

"Complications" review by Suzanne 7/15/15
Airs Thursdays, 9/8c on USA Network

This show is somewhat enjoyable, but it really doesn't work after the first few episodes. It just gets ridiculous and unrealistic, so I have a hard time watching it. I feel bad for Jason O'Mara, who's been in a lot of shows that were canceled. I really enjoyed "Terra Nova" and wish that one had succeeded. I doubt this one will.

O'Mara plays an ER doctor in L.A., Dr. John Ellison, who gets involved in something, and things start to spiral out of control for him. He and his wife and son are dealing with grief from their daughter's death from cancer. He's driving his car and sees a shooting in a park, in a gang area.  He gets out to help a young boy who's been shot. Meanwhile, the car that did the shooting comes back, so he picks up a gun and shoots them. He saves the boy's life, but he kills the gang bangers.

There's also a somewhat-crazy nurse named Gretchen that helps him out after he has to hide the young boy in the hospital so that he won't get further injury (his father is in prison). As they try to protect the boy and cover it all up, things get worse and worse.  Ellison has to work with the gang members or else put his family at further risk. He has to deal with Gretchen, who does other things that are totally crazy and violent. Things get worse and worse. They have to cover up their tracks from other people in the hospital who are snooping around.  Incidentally, Beth Riesgraf (who was so great in "Leverage") plays his wife.  She's kind of wasted in it.

A lot of the story is told, at least at first, to a therapist, so it's even more "complicated" than it sounds. However, I think the show should have been called "Overly Complicated."  If you just want some mindless summer fun, you might enjoy this. It has lots of shouting, cars chasing, fights, shootings, etc. Just don't think too hard or take it very seriously. It might have been much better as a movie.

I'm really surprised the show is not better because it's from the same people who did "Burn Notice," which I loved.


From the creator of “Burn Notice,” comes the fast-paced and unpredictable thriller, COMPLICATIONS.  The series stars Jason O’Mara as Dr. John Ellison, a suburban doctor who, while still dealing with the emotional effects of his daughter’s death, intervenes in a drive-by shooting, saving a young boy’s life. The series also stars Jessica Szohr, Beth Riesgraf (“Leverage”), and Lauren Stamile (“Burn Notice”). 

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Page updated 7/15/15

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