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Josh Gad and Billy Crystal

"The Comedians" review by Suzanne 3/30/15
Premieres April 9 on FX

This show is really funny! You should make sure you watch it. Everyone is going to love it. I don't normally predict these things, particularly about comedies, but trust me, this is going to be big. I just watched 9 episodes that FX sent me, but I wish there were more.

At first I didn't know if I would like it because it seemed to be mostly the embarrassment type of humor, but it had me laughing pretty quickly. It's just hilarious. Billy Crystal and Josh Gad play TV versions of themselves (that is, they're kind of jerks), in much the same way that Larry David and his friends did in "Curb Your Enthusiasm".  The idea of the show is that Crystal and Gad are doing a sketch comedy show together for FX. 

Most of the show is about Crystal, Gad, and the other people that work with them, behind the scenes as they're followed around by a camera.  In that sense, it has some elements of both "The Larry Sanders Show" and "The Office." They even sometimes talk to the camera like they did in "The Office" or in similar shows like "Modern Family."  Personally, I don't normally like those type of shows, but this one is very funny, so it works.

Now, if you hate Billy Crystal and his type of humor, maybe you won't like this show, but otherwise, I can't imagine anyone not liking it. This is funny like he is hosting the Oscars or in any of his classic movies like "City Slickers" or "When Harry Met Sally." (Mercifully, it's not like his "Mr. Saturday Night.")  Josh Gad can be really annoying in other shows I've seen him in, but he's just spot-on in this one.  The two of them are a really interesting pair and play well off each other.

What's also really great is how they start out not liking each other but eventually become very close. They do a great job developing that relationship.  Denis O'Hare is also pretty funny as an FX executive. The other characters in the show are hit-or-miss. The wonderful actress Dana Delaney plays Billy's wife, but she's just playing it straight.

I think it could be even funnier if they focused a bit. It seems a little scattered at times and not as tight as it could be.  For instance, Steve Weber plays a really interesting character, but they don't do much with him once he shows up.  These are just nitpicky observations, though. It's still very good.

The whole show-within-a-show concept has been done a lot, but it really works well here. Crystal and Gad's characters struggle to get their show together while FX worries about the costs and whether it will be any good. We also see plenty of great sketches from Gad and Crystal that are hilarious. I enjoy those a lot.  You will, too. Don't miss it.


About The Comedians:

In The Comedians, Billy Crystal plays a comedy legend who is reluctantly paired with Josh Gad, an edgier up-and-coming star, in an unfiltered, behind-the-scenes look at a fictional late night sketch comedy show where egos and generations collide.  Stephnie Weir stars as “Kristen Laybourne,” the anxiety-ridden producer behind The Billy & Josh Show who frequently finds herself caught in the middle of Billy and Josh's arguments, Matt Oberg stars as “Mitch Reed,” the show’s head writer, and Megan Ferguson stars “Esme McCauley,” a no-nonsense production assistant.  Together they spend most of their time managing the egos of their two stars and the generational divide that keeps them from ever fully seeing eye-to-eye.

We’ve just posted a few new videos from THE COMEDIANS panel at SXSW. The series premieres Thursday, April 9 at 10 pm e/p only on FX.

The Comedians: Describing The Show

How would Josh Gad best describe The Comedians? You may be surprised…

The Comedians: Harsh Reality

How is The Comedians more than just a comedy? Josh Gad explains during the SXSW panel.

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Josh Gad has a philosophy about getting into show business. Watch and learn…

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