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cast of Clipped

"Clipped" review by Suzanne 6/10/15
Premieres Tuesday, June 16 at 10/9c on TBS

TBS generally has two kinds of sitcoms. Bland, somewhat-likable shows like "Your Family" and "Men at Work" or really awful shows like "Sullivan & Son."  This new show, "Clipped," is somewhere between those in quality. It's not as awful as "Sullivan & Son," but it's certainly not as good as "Men at Work," either. I truly enjoyed that one and laughed at it. It was amusing if not outright funny.

"Clipped" is about a group of barbers and stylists in a Boston hair salon. These people all grew up together and went to high school together, aside from the really old guy (played by "Cheers"' George Wendt), and they're in a really bad neighborhood. (Do white people live in neighborhoods this bad in Boston? I don't know...)

Each character is a stereotype. You have two old gay guys, a stupid guy, a ditzy woman, a jerk boss, the wise-cracking black girl (who's also Jewish), and the two attractive young white people that we hope fall in love....ZZZZZZ. Oh, sorry, I nodded off there for a minute. Everyone over-acts with rolling and widening eyes, and grand gestures, and telegraphing every line before it happens (not that the dialogue is all that funny or subtle). We see Wendt's character arguing about sports with another large old guy (this one black and in a police uniform), and they look like they're about to get into a fight. It's pretty obvious that instead, they kiss. They're married. Big shock. It's 2015. Is this really a shock any more?

I feel bad for Wendt, who's such a great actor and comic, that he has to appear in this awful show. I'm interviewing him in a few days, but I won't mention that...maybe the show will get better. Who knows? TBS is pretty good about not canceling their sitcoms for a few years, so it will probably be around a while. If your idea of a good laugh is "The McCarthys" or "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia," then you might like this one.


TBS Clipped Premieres Tuesday, June 16 at 10/9c
EPISODE 1: PILOT When barber/aspiring professional baseball player A.J. Salerno (Mike Castle) gets a phone call from a sports agent wanting to meet with him, he tells his co-worker Danni (Ashley Tisdale) that this is the big break he’s been waiting for, and his barber days will soon be behind him. Meanwhile, the owner of the barbershop, Ben (Ryan Pinkston), is determined to fire one of his employees -- Buzzy (George Wendt), Mo (Matt Cook), Joy (Lauren Lapkus), or Charmaine (Diona Reasonova) -- to avoid paying an insurance premium increase.

George Wendt is star of TBS's new comedy series ClippedWendt a six-time Emmy nominee  entertained audiences for years as "Norm" on the legendary sitcom Cheers makes his return to Boston as the namesake of the local Boston barbershop called "Buzzy's". 

Wendt stars alongside Ashley Tisdale (High School Musical),Mike Castle (Family Trap), Lauren Lapkus (Orange Is the New Black), Ryan Pinkston (Tower Prep), Diona Reasonover (Swadhisthana), and Matt Cook(True Blood)  The multi-camera comedy centers on a group of coworkers who all went to high school together but ran in very different crowds. Now they find themselves working together at Buzzy's, a barbershop that was recently bought by one-time loser Ben (Pinkston). Since taking over the establishment, Ben has become the boss to many of his old classmates and he's not afraid to flaunt his more powerful position.

Ben's staff at Buzzy's includes Mo (Cook), his best friend and total opposite. Mo sees the best in people, which explains why he’s been able to put up with Ben since childhood. Also working at Buzzy's are A.J. Salerno (Castle), the popular kid who was once a great baseball player until a shoulder injury pulled him out of the game and into the barber shop; Danni (Tisdale), who could be doing bigger things with her life if she weren't too busy trying to figure out if a fling with A.J. on prom night means they're more than just friends; and Joy (Lapkus), the eternally optimistic receptionist and the object of Mo’s affections…even though she’s already taken.

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