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Chasing Life

"Chasing Life" review by Sundi 7/1/14
Airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on ABC Family

Chasing LIfe on ABCFamily isnít strictly about cancer, but its major plot arc and themes stem from the main characterís leukemia. While this sounds like a major downer, the show has humor and heart and doesnít make you feel like you are watching a show that is intent on breaking your heart.


Italia Ricci plays April Carver, a 24 year old aspiring journalist who lives with her mother, grandmother, and little sister. April learns she has cancer from her estranged Uncle George (Steven Weber) and struggles to tell the people in her life about her diagnosis. SInce her fatherís death, her family trouble moving on and April holds Uncle George responsible for his death and is angry about his subsequent absence from their lives.


Even though this show has a macabre premise, and at times will tug at your heart strings, it is filled with some really funny moments. Aprilís best friend, Beth (Aisha Dee) provides some funny moments as the carefree bestfriend that is the first to know the news about Aprilís cancer. Their dynamic provides levity to a show that could drag us down a pretty dark road.


There is also a dreamy love interest in the mix, coworker. Dominic played by Richard Brancatisano. He gives a little light heartedness to it,as well. April stumbles through awkward moments with him, and makes missteps trying to further her career. We also get a little intrigue in the form of a mystery sister, that will probably take the whole season to sort out.


ABCFamily is excellent at infusing frothy fare with more heavy themes, and has found a good balance with shows like The Fosters and Switched at Birth. If you like those, or the recently cancelled Bunheads, then this will appeal to you as well. Chasing Life is cute enough that I can excuse the cancer gimmick, and has the potential to have enough depth to move beyond the single premise. I would like to think that I wouldíve watched this show even if April didnít have leukemia.


How much distance do you think this show can get out of Aprilís sickness? How long until we are sick of it.


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