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"Catastrophe" review by Suzanne 8/19/15
Airs on
Amazon Prime

This is really not my kind of show. It's a comedy, but it's really not very funny. It seems like if there's a comedy that other TV critics like, then I don't like it, and vice versa.

These two characters, Sharon (Sharon Horgan) and Adam (Rob Delaney), meet in a bar in London and have a lot of sex. After she returns to Ireland, and he returns to the US, they find out that she's pregnant.  He flies over there to help her out.

He's very likable, and kind of funny, but I find her a little irritating. Mostly, though, it's the lines that are just not very funny. Good comedy should be really funny, not irritating or awkward. It should have good jokes.

Watch it for yourself and decide!

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