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Three teens from the movie

"The Bride He Bought Online" review by Suzanne 7/18/15
Premieres Saturday, 8/7c, July 18 on Lifetime

This is not a bad suspense thriller; it's a fun way to spend a few hours on Saturday night. The acting is really good. It's a fun movie for teens and they might also learn something. Three girls, who have a blog where they post videos of pranks they've pulled on people, decide to put up a fake online bride profile, and they get this guy to start chatting with them. He falls for this "girl" and even sends them a plane ticket. They film him at the airport, getting his heart broken. He's not just some guy, though, but a computer whiz, so he tracks them down after seeing the video online. Things escalate from there.

The three actresses who play Avery, Mandy, and Kaley are very good as the "mean girls." The actor who plays John, their victim, does an outstanding job. There are some very good supporting performances, too, most notably by Jamie Luner (as Avery's mom) and Alexandra Paul (as a police detective).

The movie mostly moves pretty fast and is compelling. There were only a couple of things that I thought were not quite explained well. First of all, they keep saying that John is ugly, but he's pretty cute, as far as I can tell. They should have made him uglier. Secondly, they don't really explain why he's such a great computer expert (maybe that's his job and I missed it). That seemed to stretch credibility a little bit. Otherwise, I thought it was very good.

The ending is really good, and it doesn't quite turn out how you might think! I thought that was a great thing for them to do. You won't be sorry if you watch this one tonight.

Check out my interviews with star Anne Winters (Avery) and Alexandra Paul (Terry).



The subject of cyber bullying is the topic of "The Bride He Bought Online," a thriller premiering
on July 18 on Lifetime.  It stars Anne Winters ("Tyrant," "Wicked City,") and Travis Hammer ("Dig",
What starts out as a harmless prank/blog takes a dark turn for 17-year-old Avery (Anne Winters) when her friends, Mandy (Lauren Gaw) and Kaley (Annalisa Cochrane), create a fake profile for an international dating site and begin to communicate with a lonely, socially inept computer programmer named John (Travis Hammer). Having lived a life of isolation and bullying, the humiliation he feels when he realizes he’s been duped unleashes a wrath that no one would have expected.  Jamie Luner and Alexandra Paul co-star. 

“The Bride He Bought Online” Explores the

Internet Bully Inside All of Us

Anne Winters, Travis Hammer star in Lifetime Thriller

Premiering July 18

Who is the stereotypical cyberbully?  A lonely, bitter adult with psychological issues?

Or your sweet, well-adjusted son or daughter, surfing the Net in their bedroom?  Truth is, cyberbullies can come in all shapes, sizes and age groups—as explored in
The Bride He Bought Online,” premiering Saturday, July 18 (8pm ET/PT) on Lifetime.

The thriller tells how three seemingly innocent teenagers cyberbully a vulnerable male computer programmer with devastating results.

Starring Anne Winters (“Tyrant”), Lauren Gaw, and Annalisa Cochrane (“Baby Daddy”), the story follows three teens who create a fake profile on an international dating site to gather fodder for their increasingly popular joke blog.

When a lonely, unstable computer programmer named John Bennett (Travis Hammer, “Dig”)) responds to their ad, the prank evolves into all-out cyberbullying as the teens decide to emotionally destroy Bennett in order to satisfy their increasingly ravenous fans.

Posing as a beautiful woman who is looking for a husband, they trick Bennett into falling in love with a fictional person, so seduced are they by the lure of internet celebrity.  “The scary truth is, we all have the ability to become predators if we want,” says writer/director Christine Conradt. “The anonymity of the Internet has created both crimes and criminals that never previously existed. Because people can hide behind a screen name, they say and do things online that they never would do in person. The Internet creates opportunities for crimes without consequence.

“The Bride He Bought Online” is a Shadowland Production.  Pierre David and Tom Berry are the Executive Producers.  Producers are Ken Sanders and Robert Ballo.  The film was written by the prolific.Christine Conradt, who makes her directorial feature debut.  Jamie Luner and Alexandra Paul co-star.

 Check out the movie’s Facebook page or watch the trailer at Lifetime Network’s website.

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