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"Blunt Talk" review by Suzanne 8/28/15
Airs on
Starz Saturdays 9pm

I watched the first two episodes of this show FREE! It was really funny, and I laughed a lot. Out loud. That's so unusual. Most shows don't make me laugh.

I did expect to love the show, since Patrick Stewart stars in it, but it more than exceeded my expectations. I knew he wouldn't do a show that's terrible.  If you liked him in "Star Trek: The Next Generation" or the "X-Men" movies, you will be very surprised at how he acts in this comedy. He's outstanding. Not only is he a wonderful dramatic actor, but he's a superb comedian.

The show is produced by Seth McFarlane, but it's even funnier than his other shows or movies. Stewart plays Walter Blunt, a cable talk show who's on the down-turn of his career, thanks to his love of luxury, drugs, women and drink. He's kind of like "House" except much more charming.

Walter gets in big trouble and has to try to save his public image, and his job, with the help of his loyal staff. He has a loyal man servant, Harry, who not only is Walter's enabler but has his own problems with self-indulgence. They are both really screwed up, but it's very funny.

This is a real farce, so the characters are not to be taken seriously. However, with such great actors, they do also manage to show you some real drama here and there. There are also some wonderful dream sequences that kind of remind me of the old HBO show "Dream on."  They are fabulous, especially when Patrick Stewart dances!!

I don't get Starz, so I can't wait until the season is over and I can buy this on DVD. Don't miss this one because it's hilarious and outrageous. You won't be sorry!

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