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"Bloodline" review by Eva Diaz 3/38/15
Airs on Netflix - watch the first season -13 episodes now!

I was interested in watching this because I have followed the career of Kyle Chandler (who plays John Rayburn) since he was on his first TV series, "Home Front."  I watched the trailer for the show on Netflix and thought I would watch the first episode, at least, because I enjoy mystery-thriller-type dramas.  The show's plot centers around the Rayburns, a well-respected family in the Florida Keys that own an inn popular with tourists.  The Rayburns seem like the perfect American family, with parents Robert (Sam Sheppard) and Sally (Sissy Spacek) in charge.  However, when the oldest son, Danny, who's irresponsible, comes back home, it starts to bring out deep, dark, family secrets.  John narrates some of the episodes.  The audience is told that Danny's brothers and sister had to do something terrible to him because they didn't have any other choice. 

I watched the pilot, and I felt that it was not as good as I had expected.  The show is confusing at times because it flashes forward in time without giving the audience any clues as to when it is flashing forward or backwards in time.  I have gotten used to fast-paced shows like "Scandal" and "The Blacklist," so Bloodline seemed to me to move extremely slowly. The first episode left me with many questions, which I usually like with these type of shows, but  given the slow pace, I don't think I will watch another episode, even though I really want to find out what the Rayburn siblings did to their brother that was so terrible. John is telling someone about it because he feel so guilty. 

I like the cast. it is a great group of actors, and the scenery of the Florida Keys is beautiful in the daytime scenes and very scary in the nighttime scenes.  This is wonderful for a mystery thriller drama.  

I also do not like that they use bad language.  It seems that someone is cursing every five seconds, almost like they do it just because they are on Netflix. and the writers said "We can use bad language, so let's use it every five seconds."  I don't like when this happens. The show has good dialogue, but the bad language distracted me from the interaction between the characters.  I hope that the pace of the show gets faster and they tone down the bad language a bit so that the family drama and mystery of the show can really shine.  I give this show 3 out of 5 stars. 

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