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"Between" review by Eva Diaz 5/23/15
Airs on Netflix Thursdays

I read the premise for Between and it seemed interesting, so I watched it on Netflix when the first episode was put up on the site. I ws disappointed in it, but it did have a few good points. The premise of the show is that a mysterious virus is killing off everyone over 22, so until the cause of this virus and eventually a cure is found, everyone in the town of Pretty Lake is put under quarintine.  The show stars former iCarly co-star Jennette McCurdy as a pregnant teen who also happens to be the daughter of the town's minister.  McCurdy's character, Wiley, doesn't tell anyone who the father of her soon-to-be-born child is because she has been ordered to do so by the lawyer of the family who is adopting her baby.

This is the only story in the show that interested me because the identity of the father is such a mystery.  The rest of the characters and stories in the show were rushed and don't give the viewer a chance to get to know them before all the people over 22 start dying. Chaos starts to happen, although even that doesn't work because it is too orderly.  Teens from the wrong side of town steal a car from the car dealership. The owner is about to teach them a lesson when he is stopped by a young policeman. This show could be good if it concentrates on a few characters rather then having such a large cast.  They need to develop the stories more, so that the viewer begins to care about why these young people are being left without the people they love.  Then we can begin to root for someone finding a cure to this awful virus killing the people of Pretty Lake.  New episodes of the show will be put on Netflix once a week like a  non-streaming TV show.  I give this show 3 out of 5 stars because there is room for improvement.  Maybe the young adults in your life will like it, and it will become a cult hit.  There isn't much in this show for those over 22 to like. If your kids watch it, you should watch it with them because I have a feeling it will deal with issues that adults and teens should discuss.

NOTE: This airs on Canadian TV.  Also, the premise is somewhat similar to the "Star Trek" episode "Miri".

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