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Better Call Saul

"Better Call Saul" review by Suzanne 2/20/15
Airs Mondays 10/9c on AMC

This is a really good show. It reminds me a little bit of "Fargo" on FX, but it's not as quirky as that one. The characters are more real and less cartoons.

When I first watched the show, I thought, who is this pathetic guy?  However, then some very exciting stuff started happening. The show kind of grabs you by the throat and doesn't let go. It's not as violent or gory as I'd worried it might be, too.

It's a prequel to the show "Breaking Bad" but mostly focuses on one character, known here as Jimmy McGill (later he becomes Saul Goodman). I never watched "Breaking Bad", so I can't compare them, but trust me when I say you can watch this show even if you've never watched the other. It will still be very entertaining.

Jimmy is a sad sack lawyer who wants to be great, but he intends up veering toward the sleazier side of the law, and toward breaking the law instead of upholding it.  He has terrible luck and is impatient for his life to improve the way he thinks it should.

Check it out and you won't be sorry!

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Page updated 2/20/15

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