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Becoming Us cast

"Becoming Us" review by Suzanne 8/11/15
Airs Mondays 9/8c on ABC Family

I didn't expect to like this show because I normally don't like reality shows.  However, the people of this show seem very real.  Even though they're very good looking and likable (which is why I'm sure they have a TV show), they seem very real. From what I've read, they are real people who live in Evanston, Illinois (not actors).

It's very interesting because it's mostly from the point of view of the teenaged boy, Ben, whose father Charlie is now "Carly." We also meet his girlfriend, Danielle, who has a transgender father as well. Both fathers are divorced, so the kids are going through the trauma of having divorced parents as well as having a transgender father.

The whole point of the show is to educate people about what being transgender means as well as how it affects the family. It's also entertaining.  Since these men did not choose to be transgender, it's a difficult show to watch. The teens are not taking it very well (but then again, they also don't take divorce well).  Ben has had therapy to deal with his feelings.

We also get to know Ben's half sister, Sutton, who's planning her wedding, and his mother, Suzy.  They're very likable and ordinary, yet they're going through some very unusual things. It's pretty interesting to watch (unlike most reality shows I've seen).

You should definitely check it out!

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