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Bad Judge

"Bad Judge" review by Sundi 9/27/14
Premieres 10/2 Thursdays 9/8c on NBC

I’ll be honest… I went in to this show knowing I was going to love it. I am a fan of Kate Walsh from her days on "Private Practice", so when I heard she was going to be playing a judge with questionable morals and a mess of a personal life, I was on board.


Although the pilot starts off a little improbably, Walsh’s character, Rebecca Wright, is immediately likeable -- despite her over-use of the word “dude.” Train-wreck by night and capable judge by day, it seems hard to believe that these two could exist in the same character.  However, Walsh brings Rebecca to life and allows us to suspend our disbelief enough to really care about her. It doesn’t hurt, either, that she’s formed a sweet relationship with a kid whose parents she imprisoned, who has cheekbones for days. This relationship is one of the many that have a lot of potential on this show.


My second favorite of Becca’s men is the handsome Veronica Mars (and Bad Teacher) alum, Ryan Hansen. As her sometimes-bedmate and constant foil, Rebecca and Hansen’s Dr. Gary Boyd have enough chemistry to make us root for them.


Tone Bell plays Tedward,  her bailiff and comedic counterpoint, and he is at least as much fun, if not more than Rebecca herself. They have amazing platonic chemistry, and this has the beginnings of a great buddy comedy -- if it can ever figure out what it wants to be.


If you don’t mind your humor with a touch of edge, and a finishing note of sentimentality, then Bad Judge is right for you. Don’t expect to see Addison Montgomery in a judge’s robe, however, since this character is far from her. Even though the first couple of episodes have a bit of split personality, it is worth watching to see how producer Will Ferrell lets it play out.


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