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Aquarius cast

"Aquarius" review by Suzanne 5/24/15
2-Hour Premiere May 28, Thursdays 9/8c on NBC

This is a really great show. I've seen the first few episodes, and it's really enjoyable. It has crime drama, family drama, history, great characters, action, music - just about everything you'd want. It takes place in late 1960's California. David Duchovny plays a cop who's investigating a missing teen (daughter of an old friend).  He uses some other undercover cops to help him investigate. The teen girl has fallen under the sway of Charles Manson, who's already a felon with a long rap sheet. He's gathering followers.

Duchovny is always a fantastic actor in every part. If you've only seen him in X-Files, you'll be shocked because he's the complete opposite type of person here. Although Mulder was an FBI agent, he was pretty laid back and unconventional.  Detective Hodiak is an old school type of cop (the show takes place right after they started with the Miranda warnings) and the police force seems pretty corrupt. I was a young girl at this time, in Southern California, but I have 3 older brothers. The police uses to harass anyone with long hair back then.  They were not very kind to protestors or anyone they saw as being different.

Grey Damon, who's been really good in many series that I've seen, is also very good here as undercover cop Shafe. It's clear he doesn't get along with other police. Claire Holt, who was outstanding on "Vampire Diaries" and "The Originals" as Rebecca, is also great here as the other undercover police officer. Geffin Anthony is fabulous as Manson. Everyone does a good job, of course, and the writing is excellent. I love this era, and the 60's music is also fun to hear. I think they will be selling a lot of soundtracks with this one.

I predict this will be one of the big hits of the summer. Don't miss it!


05/28/2015 (09:00PM - 11:00PM) (Thursday) : DETECTIVE SAM HODIAK INVESTIGATES THE KIDNAPPING OF A YOUNG GIRL-- In the premiere episode, LAPD Detective Sam Hodiak (David Duchovny, "Californication," "The X-Files") and undercover officer Brian Shafe (Grey Damon, "True Blood," "Friday Night Lights") begin the search for a missing teenage girl, Emma Karn (Emma Dumont, "Salvation," "Bunheads"), who has fallen under the spell of infamous cult leader Charles Manson (Gethin Anthony, "Game of Thrones"). Claire Holt ("Vampire Diaries," "Pretty Little Liars") also stars. Michaela McManus ("Awake," "Law & Order: SVU") and Brían F. O'Byrne ("Mildred Pierce") guest star.
HODIAK AND SHAFE CLASH AS THEY INVESTIGATE THE MURDER OF AN ELDERLY WOMAN-- Hodiak (David Duchovny, "Californication," "The X-Files") and Shafe (Grey Damon, "True Blood," "Friday Night Lights") investigate a complicated murder case amidst rising racial tensions. Meanwhile, Manson (Gethin Anthony, "Game of Thrones") forces Emma's (Emma Dumont, "Salvation," "Bunheads") father, Ken Karn (Brían F. O'Byrne, "Mildred Pierce"), to introduce him to an executive in the music business. Claire Holt ("Vampire Diaries," "Pretty Little Liars") also stars. Michaela McManus ("Awake," "Law & Order: SVU") and Gaius Charles ("Grey's Anatomy," "Friday Night Lights") guest star.
ollowing the show’s two-hour linear network premiere, NBC will release all 13 episodes of the series on, the NBC app and all other video-on-demand platforms.  Lots more info, photos and video clips on our forum!

Interview with Gethin Anthony (Manson) 5/18/15

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