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Allegiance cast

"Allegiance" review by Eva Diaz 2/4/15
Airs Thursdays 10/9c on NBC

I was excited about watching this show because I love shows that let us get an inside look at how agencies like the CIA and FBI work. When I was watching the commercials for it, I thought I knew what it was all about, but it surprised me when I watched the first episode. I thought it was about a couple of former American spies who are asked to train their son to also become a spy for the government. I was partially right -- the show centers around the O'Connor family. Three of them are former Russian spies. Mark OíConner (Scott Cohen) and his wife Katyla (Hope Davis) are asked to turn their genius son Alex (Gavin Stenhouse) into a Russian spy. Mark and Katya do not want to do this, so they tell their former bosses that they will spy on their son, instead (he's CIA analyst) to get the information they need.  They hope that Alex will never find out they're Russian spies.

I enjoy shows that have a cliffhanger ending each week, and Allegiance certainly does that very well.  It's like reading a good thriller; you just canít wait to turn the page because you want to know what happens next!  There are a lot of twists and turns each week. The show moves very fast ,and I enjoy that, but you canít get distracted from watching it, or you miss the action. I think NBC finally has a good Thursday lineup to compete with the other networks .

I give this show 5 out of 5 stars!  Grab your favorite snack, put on your seat belt, and enjoy the thrill ride of "Allegiance." The show airs on Thursday nights 10 PM Eastern time 9 PM Central time right after "The Blacklist."

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