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"American Horror Story: Freak Show" review by Suzanne 10/9/14
Airs Wednesdays 10pm on FX

I suppose it was inevitable that this show would do freaks, considering every season before now has been packed with them.  It thrives on the gross and the grotesque. The first season was about ghosts. The second season was about a mental hospital. The third one was about witches.

This season takes place in the small town of Jupiter, Florida where a small carnival has arrived and is looking to improve its lot by adding some more freaks.  Like the previous shows, there's plenty of violence, murder, sex, torture, abuse, and yes, wonder. The show definitely does keep things interesting.

The first episode introduces most of the carny folk as well as a few others, like a rich woman and her infantile son. The second episode introduces Michael Chiklis as a strongman and Angela Bassett as his three-breasted wife.  The usual AHS actors are still around, too, such as Jessica Lange, Kathy Bates (the bearded lady!), Evan Peters, Frances Conroe, Sarah Paulson, Emma Roberts, and Denis O'Hare. Also joining the show are Finn Wittrock, Wes Bentley and Patti LaBelle. Great cast as always!

The acting and writing is fabulous. It's not just about freaks and murder. There's also love, jealousy, father-son relationship, mother-son relationships and more. They always do a great job with the show in terms of writing a powerful story and having the best actors on TV, as well as really spectacular makeup and special effects.

If you don't mind darkness and all of the things mentioned above, this is your kind of show. However, don't expect realism because it's not very realistic. I could buy most of it, but not Jessica Lange singing a 1970's song in a show that takes place in the 1950's! Two-headed girl? Sure. Murderous clown? Okay. David Bowie song twenty years too early... Naw...

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