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Hayley Atwell

"Agent Carter" review by Suzanne 1/13/15
Airs Tuesdays 9/8c

I tend to watch all comic-book-based TV shows, whether they're about superheroes or not. Naturally, I had to watch this one. This was never a comic book, but she's a character in the movies.  Also, she was in the comic books (just not in the way she's shown here). They've updated her, like they have many of the comic book characters. Even though she's still in the 1940's, during WWII, she's much more of a strong action heroine than she ever was in the comics.

This series is 8 episodes so far...the people in charge have said it may come back next year if successful. I've noticed that a lot of the networks are doing this now, much like cable has already done. They make 8 or 10 episodes per year only. This allows them to have a bigger budget and better quality actors and writing. British TV has been doing this for years. It also allows the actors to have plenty of time off to do other things, and it makes it easier for the viewer to catch up, since there are so few shows.

I really enjoyed the first two episodes, and I'm sure I'll enjoy the rest as well. It's flashy, fun, and action-packed, just like any good comic book. Don't expect a whole lot of realism - this is still set in the world of Iron Man, Captain America, et al. -- but since the heroes are not around, it's more realistic than you might think. It's not quite like "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.", either. It's much more flashy and exciting. It doesn't quite border on camp like the old "Wonder Woman" series of the 70's, but the people writing it clearly have a good sense of fun and humor.

There haven't been a lot of Primetime TV shows starring women (except for soap operas), but that seems to be changing now, especially with regards to action shows. Make sure you watch it!

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Page updated 1/13/15

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