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The Winner Is...

"The Winner Is" review by Eva 7/10/13
Airs Thursdays on NBC

This a show by the creators of "The Voice", in which non-professional singers compete for a chance to win a million dollars. The people who compete in the show donít want to make a career our of singing, they just sing well and need to win the one million dollars for a specific reason, which is explained to the audience during the show. The contestants compete in three rounds, sort of like the battle rounds on "The Voice", except there isnít a ring, and the contestants donít compete in duets (although they do compete two at a time). Once both contestants for that particular round are done, they wait to find out whom a group of 101 people (whom the contestants donít see) chose as the winner of the round. The host of the show then asks each contestant if they think they won the round.  Most of the time they say yes, and then he offers the contestant a chance to grab $10,000, $25,000 or $50,000, depending on which round is being played. The host explains that if they take the money, they can no longer continue playing the game, but they should take the money if they think their competitor has won the votes from the 101. The host gives the contestants in each round two chances to take the money and go home, or stay in the competition, and then he reveals the results of the 101 vote.  The winner of the round gets to move on to the next round, unless one of the contestants in that round has taken the money. In that case, the contestant who didnít take the money moves to the next round, and at the end of three rounds, there is one contestant left, and that person moves on to the one million dollar final round at the end of the season.

I like the show very much.  It is fun to watch just to see how much people believe in themselves, and if that belief costs them money, or if that belief leads them to play for the one million dollars at the end of the season. The contestants can all sing.  Some sing better then others, and the group of 101 judges sometimes picks a winner you donít expect because they see how the audience in the studio likes the contestant .  Sometimes they also judge on the reason that the contestant needs to compete for the million dollars. The only problem that I see with the show is that you have to watch the show in order to see how the game works.  It is very difficult to understand the game unless you watch the show. Friends always ask me to explain the premise of new shows so they can decide if they want to tune in to watch or not, and this one is very difficult to explain. I think that means that it wonít pick up viewers by word of mouth so easily, and that could hurt it. The show did well when it aired three shows on Tuesdays, after "The Voice", before the Stanley cup, and now it moves to Thursdays 9 PM Eastern 8 PM Central time. I think it will do well in this time slot because there is a shortage of fun shows to watch on Thursdays. Overall, I give the show 5 stars out of 5.  It is a good show to watch if you just want to have fun and sing along to some great songs and root for ordinary people to win a million dollars.

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