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Wilfred, Ryan and dogs playing poker

"Wilfred" review by Suzanne
Premieres Thursday, June 20 at 10pm on FX

This show always surprises me because it seems very dark at times, yet it makes me laugh so much (and unexpectedly). Last season, we learned that Wilfred may have been around when Ryan was a boy. Both Ryan and Wilfred try to investigate their pasts. Ryan's next door neighbors, Jenna and Drew, try to help him get past his girlfriend's break-up. Also, he has trouble letting his sister, Kristen, date this new guy (Barry Watson in a short role -love him!). This information is from 3 different episodes that FX sent me. I really enjoyed them. It's such a quirky show, yet it's just so funny and the people are so likable. The writing is just outstanding in that you just never know what they are going to do next. There are so few TV shows that you can say that about.

Of course you always have to be open to jokes about sex and various bodily functions, as well as rampant drug use. Frankly, those things don't bother me, at least in a TV sitcom (as long as it doesn't get TOO gross). Elijah Wood and Jason Gann are always excellent in their frenetic roles. At the end of the 3rd episode, Ryan talks to his dad on the phone, and I'm really curious about what this will lead to in future episodes. It's obviously leading somewhere. Perhaps we'll finally find out why Ryan is so messed up.

I can't wait for the rest of the season!! If you like really funny-but-weird shows, you need to watch this one.

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