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Under the Dome

"Under the Dome" review by Sundi 6/28/13
Mondays 10/9c on CBS

The CBS series, "Under The Dome" is exactly what it sounds like it will be.... but better. The premise is simple, yet frightening and provocative, as most of Stephen King’s work often is. Based on King’s novel of the same name, Under The Dome is set in the small Maine town of Chester’s Mill. Suddenly, following what seems to be an earthquake, an invisible shield (of undetermined origin and makeup) falls from the sky to enclose the whole town. It is here that the special effects take over and the viewer is presented with a clever and visually stunning array of images. For one, a cow is split in half as the dome falls, and it makes for an eerie sight. Further, cars and people are smashing into the dome and each time it takes your breath as you see the carnage unfold.

What’s even better; however, are the moments of humanity executed by the cast that is chock full of recognizable stars (too many to even name). The effects are immaculate, but its the insinuated terror that is compelling. The fear the town feels at being trapped under this dome, the huge questions of origin and meaning surrounding the dome, and the inevitable separations that occur are going to drive this show, not to mention the dynamic of humans trapped “in a fish bowl.” I am definitely intrigued by this show, and if it can sustain the momentum of the dark and depraved subplots (such as kidnapped-girl-in-a-bunker) past the gimmick, then I think we might have something here.

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